Friday, July 26, 2019

Giant Arabian Port Continues Container Freight Expansion with Quay Crane Purchase

Gantry and Ship to Shore Order Will Increase Throughput by Millions of
Shipping News Feature
SAUDI ARABIA – King Abdullah Port has received 28 state-of-the-art Liebherr cranes to start the expansion of the container terminals as it looks to increase the port’s annual capacity to 5 million TEU. The cranes that were supplied in this deal will join their operational counterparts in the port. The port says that the quay cranes are the largest exported by Liebherr and can easily and seamlessly serve the newest mega container ships.

The new cranes include 20 gantry cranes and 8 ship-to-shore (STS) cranes. The STS cranes have an outreach of 70 metres (25 rows) and a safe working load of 65 tonnes. The gantry cranes can handle seven containers height and are characterised by a unique eight-rope reeving system as well as built-in, anti-sway and anti-skew features resulting in excellent rigidity and optimum productivity.

The technical teams are currently assembling the cranes and they are expected to begin operating at the beginning of next year as part of the first phase of the expansion of the container terminals, which will help raise the port’s annual capacity to five million TEU; thereby effectively serving trade movement in Saudi Arabia and the Red Sea.

King Abdullah Port was established based on an ambitious vision that stemmed from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's need for a world class port capable of receiving modern mega ships to accommodate the increasing number of imports, the growing needs of residents, and the increasing exports to global markets. The concept of King Abdullah Port is in full harmony with Vision 2030, which was launched by the government to drive a competitive, non-oil-dependent economy.

The annual throughput of King Abdullah Port increased to 2,301,595 TEUs by the end of 2018, an increase of more than 36% compared to 2017. The results achieved by King Abdullah Port in 2018 include an increase in transhipment volume reaching 1,847,569 TEUs, which is a 44% increase compared to 2017. Meanwhile, the number of vessels received by the port increased to 911 vessels, a 12% increase compared to 820 vessels in 2017.

The port occupies a total area of 17.4 km2and enjoys close proximity to King Abdullah Economic City’s Industrial Valley and the bonded zone. The port claims that it is making an increasingly important contribution to the Kingdom’s regional and global role in trade, logistics and shipping. Once fully built, King Abdullah Port says that it will be able to handle 20 million TEU, 1.5 million CEUs (car equivalent units) and 15 million tonnes of clean bulk cargo every year.

Photo: Liebherr Ship to Shore cranes working an MSC vessel in King Abdullah Port.