Friday, May 7, 2010

GAC-SMHI Unveil New Fleet Performance System For Shipping Lines

Web-based Monitoring For Improved Efficiency
Shipping News Feature

GLOBAL - GAC Solutions, part of the GAC logistics and maritime services group, and the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) have released details of their new GAC-SMHI Weather Solutions’ application, VisPer (Visualise Performance data).

The system enables customers to combine their ships’ reported data with SMHI’s advanced meteorological and oceanographic data to create graphical representations that are clear, easy to analyse and will strengthen the ability of ship owners and operators to optimise their vessels’ performances.

The application allows customers to:

• Get a single-screen visual overview of fleet performance with respect to speed and fuel consumption

• Displays the performance of individual ship in the fleet

• Track how performance varies over time for both individual ship and within sister ship series

• Assess the effects of performance improvement investments, such as under water hull cleaning, propeller scrubbing, changing paint type etc.

• Record and report CO2 emissions for both vessels and trade lanes

• Improve scheduling and route choices by observing how weather, currents and deviation around heavy weather (longer distance) affect transit times and fuel consumption (cost)

• Build up databases of performance factors, such as weather, age, trade lane, hull condition etc.

“The results of using VisPer are seen in the savings made in fuel, time and money,” says Lennart Cederberg, GAC-SMHI Weather Solutions’ Global Product Development Manager.

“It’s a powerful tool that filters complex information and presents it in a format that is immediately useful to owners and charterers.”

“VisPer enables customers to plan and act proactively in order to get optimum efficiency from their fleet, whatever the conditions.”

(pic: Screenshot of the new application)