Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Futuristic Look To Project Freight Forwarding Cargo

PD Ports And Rickmers Combine to Ship Extraordinary Contract
Shipping News Feature

UK – CHINA – This month saw PD Ports and Rickmers-Linie cooperate on a project freight contract which the companies say saw Teesport temporarily transformed into a scene resembling a science fiction film with the loading of over 180 futuristic-looking mine arches, each weighing in excess of 27 tonnes, onto the 30,000 dead weight tonne, multipurpose heavy lift vessel Rickmers Jakarta bound for China.

The mining equipment was manufactured by Joy Mining Machinery of Worcester, UK, part of Joy Global Inc. which, although US based, is rapidly expanding its mining operations in Asia. The giant machines are used in pairs to create one large arch, which then cut away at the coalface whilst supporting the immense weight of the roof of the mine tunnel.

Due to the extreme weather encountered in the UK, it was essential that PD Teesport provided undercover storage for all 182 pieces in its dockside warehouse at Tees Dock in the weeks prior to shipment. The 5,000 tonne cargo was successfully loaded by PD Teesport stevedores in only two days using specialised lifting equipment designed and manufactured by PD in conjunction with advice from Joy Mining. This enabled the cargo to be loaded speedily and damage free to the shippers’ specifications. David Varey, General Manager, Conservancy and Port Development at PD Teesport, said:

“We were very happy to work with Joy Mining and Rickmers-Linie in providing the specialist handling equipment and quick vessel turnaround required for this project. Rickmers-Linie is looking to build on this successful operation with further calls to Teesport in the near future.”

David Greaves, UK representative for Rickmers-Linie, said:

“Teesport was selected from a range of possible UK ports as the most appropriate for the shipment of this specialist and valuable cargo. We needed a deep sea port with no locks, a skilled and readily available labour supply and good undercover storage, so PD Ports was the obvious choice.”

Photo: Preparing one of the mine arches for loading aboard.