Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fuel and Pollution Reduction for Road Haulage Outfits Prompt Atlantic Wide Action

Current Truck and Trailer Trend is for 'Ready to Wear' Retrofitting of Cost Saving Measures
Shipping News Feature

UK – US – With fuel consumption and pollution reduction being the main aspirations of all road haulage operators wherever in the world they ply their trade comes news about some of the companies dedicated to using simple, physical solutions to shift the aerodynamics of freight vehicles on the move to a position where the more miles they cover, the more money they save.

Firstly a new player on the market is Aerotails, a British based company which says that one of their latest products (see photo) can be retrofitted to a transit sized van in three minutes, taken back off in 30 seconds yet will save around 5 miles per gallon, meaning about a 13.5% reduction in carbon emissions. The patented tail is just one of the products which the company is keen to promote and with a skirt that can be fitted to a truck or trailer in about an hour and top wings to improve airflow Aerotails insist that not enough savings are being made by UK hauliers at the moment.

Across the pond comes the news of what looks to be a sensible tie up between the Ohio headquartered Ridge Corporation, which produces ‘green wings’ as well as its main product of trailer linings for reefers etc. and Seattle based Freight Wing Inc. which sells a range of skirts and fairings through a countrywide dealer network.

Last week Ridge acquired 100% of the Freight Wing stock and the deal appears to give them the chance not only to expand through the subsidiary company’s distribution outlets but to utilise the combined knowledge of existing technical staff to further the product range and effectiveness in a growing market.