Thursday, August 27, 2009

FTA Claims Parking Campaign Successful

Members less susceptible to fines
Shipping News Feature

LONDON – The Freight Transport Association (FTA) claims that businesses in the capital could save millions of pounds thanks to an initiative it is spearheading to reduce the number of parking fines or Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) given to commercial vehicles. The trade body states that its members have so far benefited from a 30 per cent reduction in PCNs in the City of Westminster, with similar results seen in other London boroughs.

Gordon Telling, the FTA’s Head of Policy for London, said:

“Some of our members were paying more than a million pounds every year in fines. Added to this was the cost of appeals of administration, placing a huge burden on companies just trying to do business in the capital.

“FTA has achieved a significant reduction in parking fines with a multi-faceted strategy and by encouraging local authorities and companies to work together.”

The issuing of parking fines and their subsequent cancellation as they are appealed by the delivery company is costly to both business and local authority alike. This activity costs the City of Westminster alone around £3m a year.

The FTA’s ongoing scheme, which has seen some companies slash their bills by as much as 65 per cent, owes a lot of its success to the doubling of loading times from 20 to 40 minutes.

Telling concluded:

“By doubling the time available we have removed some of the pressure from drivers by giving them a more realistic time frame. Further measures include training drivers, transport managers and traffic wardens themselves to understand the rules of where a delivery driver can and cannot stop to unload.”

It is to be hoped that the organisations efforts should be of great benefit to haulage companies who operate in London and their customers by reducing these unnecessary overheads, especially in light of the difficulties currently faced by the UK haulage industry.