Wednesday, April 30, 2014

From Limo to Urban Road Haulage Freight Vehicle the e-Tuk hits the US Streets

Designability, Look and Green Credentials are Bound to Appeal to Stateside Consumers
Shipping News Feature

NETHERLANDS – US – Someone once said that you can tell a great road vehicle from the run of the mill if it makes you smile when you drive or ride it. A very few actually have the ability to do that when you merely see one and the Tuk Tuk, the three wheeled multi-purpose vehicle that is ubiquitous in parts of Asia has just that effect on those relatively unfamiliar with it. But the tenacious little urban runabouts have evolved of late with the European production of electric versions available in a design-your-own format to suit all manner of commercial operations including haulage of freight with the Cargo models now on the market.

The latest news from the Amsterdam based Tuk Tuk Factory, the world´s leading manufacturer of road legal electric e-Tuks is a licensing agreement with e-Tuk USA, LLC to make the company the exclusive and distributor of e-Tuk electric vehicles in the United States. These bespoke e-Tuks are already a big success in European cities and at premium resorts in the Middle East and the new agreement is the result of several months of research and relationship building between the two companies. Michael Fox of e-Tuk USA, explained:

“We are extremely excited about the opportunity to introduce these quality electric, zero-emission vehicles to the US market. When my partners and I first discovered the Tuk Tuks in a small town in Guatemala we casually discussed the idea of bringing the Tuk Tuk taxis to our hometown of Denver, Colorado. Little did we know at the time that a small idea would lead us to the Tuk Tuk Factory in Amsterdam. The passion of the Tuk Tuk Factory team to provide high-quality eco-friendly vehicle options to the market struck the right cord with us and the e-Tuk Limo is the only vehicle that gets us a plus 50 mile radius at a 6 passenger capacity. We are thrilled to bring that same passion and product to the US.”

The first three e-Tuks arrived in Denver on Wednesday, April 23, 2014 and e-Tuk USA is in the process of having these DOT certified to be driven on US streets. The vehicles are already type approved in Europe, and there are just a few more steps to be completed before distribution and usage can officially begin in the US. The initial interest for the e-Tuk's in the US is already greater than expected and initial leads have included concepts such as taxi and tour companies; delivery food service; small food cart business businesses; hotels; public relations and marketing firms and more. Both companies envisage selling at least 500 units in the next few years.

One of the high points of the European produced e-Tuks is the design your own concept which enables purchasers to style their own model via the interactive website. It can surely only be a matter of time before these quaint little vehicles begin to pop up across the States in all manner of livery. Whether as electric taxis, as Light Commercial Vehicles, sightseeing carriers, mobile vending or just electric city transport the Tuk Tuk Factory says it has a model to fit the bill.