Tuesday, November 12, 2013

From Container Shipping to General Freight and Logistics - Security is the Key to This Weeks Show

Transport Security Expo Held in London Attracts Over 100 Exhibitors to Deter Crime from Ports to Pirates
Shipping News Feature

UK – WORLDWIDE – Last week we highlighted the high level speakers who will appear at the Transport Security Expo which is being held in London’s Olympia on the 13-14 November. The event is also useful to anyone in the supply chain as it showcases new ways for the freight and logistics community to deal with ever present as well as evolving threats to all with a vested interest in global or domestic shipping. Over 100 exhibitors of high-end technologies and services will showcase their latest solutions in the fight against terrorism, serious organised crime, human trafficking and drug smuggling.

The event brings together the world's leading experts from government, military, law enforcement and security services face to face with the aviation, maritime and public transport industries, to assess the threat level, examine the countermeasures in place and, where necessary, recommend alternate strategies to deal with these threats. Some of these strategies are best defined by a first-hand look at what exactly is available in the market to deter, or if necessary repel, the bad guys.

A small sample of what is on offer includes instant relay information systems with crystal clear images to show immediate threats and status of consignments from Axis, network video specialists (Stand H40); body warn security digital evidence gathering for recording actual security situations with surveillance options using a ‘second pair of eyes’ from Plymouth based Audax mobile security (B2).

There are audio as well as optical detectors and Optasense will demonstrate its award winning OptaSense® Distributed Acoustic Sensing technology for monitoring road and rail infrastructure on stand D10 whilst Rapiscan Systems will showcase its range of screening solutions for customs and border protection used to study vehicles at key junctions such as container terminals, sea and airports at stand F40.

A new Port Security Management System (PSMS) will be introduced for the first time by Henk van Unnik of Tosepo. PSMS is an interactive real time dynamic web-based dashboard that is designed to assist maritime and logistics professionals assess and improve overall port security. PSMS has been developed as part of SUPPORT (Security UPgrade for PORTs) which is co-ordinated by BMT Group and part-funded by the EC's FP7 Security Research Programme. Henk van Unnik a highly experienced port security expert and a member of the Executive Committee of SUPPORT will be introducing PSMS in a talk he is delivering entitled ‘Safety & Security for Port Facilities’ on the 13th November between 11:40 and 12:05, he comments:

“The PSMS is unique. It is the first tool of its kind which incorporates an up-to-date, self-assessment guide to enable maritime security practitioners to successfully upgrade their corporate security.”

Led by Tosepo BV in the Netherlands, PSMS is supported, delivered and trialled in conjunction with BMT in the UK, Securitas AB in Sweden and eBOS Technologies in Cyprus and is part of the SUPPORT project, a collaboration of seventeen European organisations in a part EU-funded project the focus of which is to raise the current level of port security. The PSMS delivers information skills and methodologies that enable security professionals to maintain evaluate and upgrade their security measures and create security awareness.

PSMS comprises five modules including a maturity module designed to enable security professionals to review and upgrade security plans to address terrorist threats; a corporate security module which addresses crime risks such as loss events, related to corporate processes and procedures; an e-learning education and examination module based on best practices of ISPS related maritime Security educations including drills and exercises; a sharing and decision support module which enables security professionals to supervise facilities via the internet and to collaborate on a local, national or global scale and an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) security self-assessment module which provides a system to reach compliancy and submit AEO application.

The dashboard has been tested in various European Cities including Brussels, Dublin Gothenburg, Lisbon and Rotterdam, with more than 25 security, port security and IT experts from seven countries providing feedback and counsel. Their responses were overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic with particular interest and value being placed on the multi-faceted nature of the system. Most of the testers especially liked the fact that a Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO) can access the system remotely from any location thanks to the web-based platform.

The PSMS will be available through SaaS (Software as a Service) with an annual subscription fee and by licence with an appropriate licence fee. It will be available for sale from early 2014.