Wednesday, May 16, 2012

From Container and Bulk Shipping to RoRo New IT Process Proves Essential for Dunkirk

Similar Traffic Profile Encourages Switch of Management System
Shipping News Feature

FRANCE – The Port of Dunkirk has elected to set up a community system by the first quarter of 2013 and has chosen to replace the current Gemini technology created and managed by the economic interest group Gestion Commune des Organisations Maritimes (GECOM) with the AP+ system from Marseilles Gyptis International (MGI). The similarity between the types of traffic managed by the ports of Bordeaux, Marseilles and Dunkirk, which currently use AP+ i.e.: container, conventional, bulk and Ro-Ro, was also a decisive factor in the partner selection process.

The GECOM is comprised of Freight Forwarding Agents, Maritime and Shipping Agents, Handling Companies and professional families of Dunkirk's Trade and Maritime Association (UMCD) and has now taken the direction of prioritising knowledge of port processes and professions in addition to implementation methodology. MGI will transfer its skills and knowledge on the Port Community System AP+ to the GECOM's staff, who will manage the software for the port of Dunkirk.

MGI has thus become a privileged partner of the top 3 French ports for setting up AP+: the port of Marseilles-Fos is the largest port in France with Dunkirk in 3rd position and Alain Perez, Dunkirk IT Manager and Dunkirk project Director at MGI, commented:

"Our offer for implementing AP+ Dunkirk is based on a close partnership between the GECOM and MGI. This partnership guarantees the sustainability and independence of the information system of the port community of Dunkirk".

Patrick Nerrière and Didier Béthune, President and Director of the GECOM respectively, both acknowledged the need for the Port of Dunkirk to develop its shared information system according to a long-term perspective which they believe is achieved by the MGI/GECOM cooperation adding:

"The port community has therefore decided to select AP+ as a foundation for this solution within the scope of MGI's proposals, the aim of which – in collaboration with the GECOM – will be to improve the competitiveness of the community and its reactivity when faced with a constantly evolving logistics chain".