Friday, August 28, 2009

Fresh Warnings On Truck Crime

Managers and drivers urged to be aware
Shipping News Feature

UK – South Wales Police are urging truck drivers to be extra vigilant and not to take any unnecessary risks after a spate of thefts from vehicles parked in lay-bys along the A465 in Neath Port Talbot.

In one incident this week 150 litres of diesel were stolen from a parked lorry whilst the driver slept inside.

A spokesman for South Wales Police said that:

"There's been extra patrols carried out on the A465, particularly between Resolven and Glynneath where they've been happening. We have also tried to raise awareness of this issue by putting signs in lay-bys to warn drivers of these incidents."

In addition to the problems in Wales, Truck Pol, the Police’s specialist lorry crime unit, has recently issued several fresh alerts to drivers. The unit warns that there has been an increase in crime concerning vehicles carrying cigarettes and that the number of incidents involving violence against drivers and warehouse staff in these raids is on the increase.

They also warn that the old delivery deception scam has resurfaced. Truck Pol asks that all transport managers warn their drivers that they should check any changes to the delivery address or the standard delivery method. They should contact their despatchers and confirm, in detail, ANY change to the exact delivery address as stated on the delivery documents.

Things to be wary of are:

being asked to deliver to another bay that "appears to be within the same site";

approached by 'official looking' staff and told to deliver to a holding shed "around the corner";

told to "park up and wait" at a nearby convenient spot until some false "delay" has been solved in the main loading bay...the driver may even leave the load, convinced they are on target to finish.

Anyone with any concerns or incidents to report should contact Truck Pol on 02476 516246 or at their website: