Tuesday, November 16, 2010

French Shipping Line Extend US Container Service As Eco Box Trial Continues

CMA CGM Adjust 'Black Pearl' Route as Demand Increases
Shipping News Feature

US – SOUTH AMERICA – French container shipping line CMA CGM has extended its Black Pearl service to the West Coast of South America (Ecuador, Peru, Panama and Chile). The line say this is as a response to a growing cargo market demand for exports between the US and the West Coast South America, up 23.5% in 2010 compared to 2009) and between the US and the Caribbean which shows a 13.8% increase in the same period.

As from 12th December this upgrade will provide CMA CGM customers with a direct service from Ecuador, Chile and Peru to Philadelphia and Halifax, extended coverage of the Caribbean region, Mexican Gulf and East Coast South America with transhipments in Kingston (Jamaica).

Customers will also be able to access connections to and from North Europe (Rotterdam, Hamburg, Antwerp, Le Havre) through Kingston hub on ECS Service and to and from Far East (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Chiwan, Busan) for cargo from West Coast South America via transhipments in Balboa (Panama) on the PEX3 service. Utilising an homogeneous box fleet of 6 @ 1,100 TEU vessels will also provide increased reefer capacity for exports from West Coast South America to the US market which will encourage trade from wine shippers in Chile and fresh produce from a range of South American countries.

The new Black Pearl rotation will be as follows:

New York – Halifax – Kingston – Cartagena – Punta Manzanillo – Balboa – Guayaquil – Callao – Arica – San Antonio – Callao – Guayaquil – Punta Manzanillo – Kingston – Miami – Philadelphia – New York.

Despite running a fleet of 130,000 eco-containers including Bamboo-floored, Light Steel containers and low consumption reefers, CMA CGM are trialling more such boxes with this months introduction for assessment of new eco-containers manufactured with non-wood composite flooring, the Eko-Flor.

Developed by the Canadian Company Conforce International, in partnership with Bayer, the new Eko-Flor container flooring, made of advanced reinforced compound material, presents numerous advantages including lowest weight floor that reduces energy used in transportation and excellent resistance to common contaminants (water, oil, microbes etc.) plus they are of light steel manufacture with highly resistant high tensile steel that allows a gain of 550kg per 40’ High Cube container.

The trial will run for six months when a decision will be made as to whether this type of container can be added to the French box fleet.

Photo: A CMA CGM Eko Flor container