Tuesday, August 9, 2011

French Road Freight Operator Led From The Front

France Line Continues to Grow Despite a Difficult Market
Shipping News Feature

UK – FRANCE – There are many factors which are required of anybody aspiring to run a successful freight and logistics based operation in the current economic climate. Determination, attention to detail, an ability to convey the correct attitude to whosoever you happen to be dealing with at the precise moment in time including switching from scolding a truck driver to soothing a client at a moments notice.

Operating away from your own country and having to swap between languages constantly makes for even more problems and when the boss is a woman, in what for many is still a male dominated industry, things can get doubly difficult.

Class however will tell and Marie Boyer the charismatic head at the Manchester offices of France Line, the French road freight full load and groupage specialist, seems not only able to cope but to grow a company at a time when others are falling by the wayside. Marie describes France Line as ‘small but dynamic’, a description that fits her equally well.

Up until recently Marie managed an almost unique feat in the closed world of UK shipping and forwarding, running as she did an office staffed entirely by members of the fairer sex; now however France Line have taken on two men, just to even things up a little, although Marie is still closely involved in the elevation of women through the glass ceiling and has now just been shortlisted as a finalist for the 3rd Annual Network of Aspiring Women Awards (in the Woman in Transportation category).

Earlier this year France Line, having already upped turnover in the first ten months of its current financial year, determined to pass the £1.5 million mark by years end on the 30th April – a 21.9% jump. In fact the company surpassed this turning over in excess of £1.6 million and with first quarter figures for this year already up over 7%, despite current economic woes and traffic levels the company is again bucking a trend.

Marie attributes this continued growth to the hard work of her bilingual staff and the company’s determination to offer more reliable services. To achieve this she relies on France Line's own trailer capacity, comparing this to the groups many competitors who mainly use Eastern European hauliers whom she believes are now in much shorter supply. Marie also praised the company’s appearance at Multimodal this year, a first for France Line saying:

“We had some good results out of the exhibition in terms of building our brand and developing new contacts and leads, we are doing well whilst some of our competitors are struggling in the French market. We have performed exceptionally well throughout the UK and in France and consolidated further our reputation for reliable and efficient services”.