Friday, July 1, 2011

Freight Truckers Beware Logistics Firms Are Targets

Be Extra Vigilant This Weekend
Shipping News Feature

US – The Independence Day weekend has the second highest rate of cargo theft for any weekend of the year – second only to Thanksgiving according to logistics security specialists FreightWatch. The company is advising all its freight, shipping and warehousing clients to be especially vigilant during the 4th of July celebrations.

The company point out the extended break causes long delays for drivers attempting to deliver loads and that means a higher risk for trucks loaded and parked up over the weekend. Even in apparently secure yards and trailer parks companies should ensure that all their alarm protocols are up to date and that all equipment is functioning correctly.

FreightWatch also recommends that all alarm trouble signals as an intrusion alarm and logistics firms do not rely on backup (cellular/radio) systems. It is cheaper to post a guard for the weekend in the event of a mysterious system failure than suffer the potential consequences.

Drivers in transit are recommended to be on full alert and maintain communication with their dispatch when stopped at high risk areas such as truck stops and rest areas and loads should not be dropped or left unattended for any reason.

As FreightWatch pointed out in their special European report last year trends in the US have changed when it comes to cargo theft. Thieves today tend more toward the European model and rather than simply opportunist grabbing of conveniently unattended trailers they now tend toward more research and specifically target high value commodities like pharmaceuticals, electricals and cigarettes.

Freightwatch offer a service across North America, Asia and Europe to ensure all facets of a customers supply chain are fully protected including people, transport processes and physical security.