Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Freight Truckers and Private Motorists Can Benefit from New Online Guide

US State Laws and Regulations Now Visible to All
Shipping News Feature

US – Driving overseas can be a worrying experience, even for the most experienced freight truck driver, different laws and attitudes can produce uncertainty and, in extreme circumstances, lead to accidents. In a country like the USA laws can vary between neighbouring states producing a confused picture for natives, let alone an alien abroad.

Now the American Automobile Association (AAA), known universally as Triple A, has produced an online guide to the various driving laws and regulations for all fifty states and Washington D.C. The guide has hitherto only been available in print, making access to its essential contents difficult for occasional or last minute state visitors. Now the online digest will not only be automatically updated, but is to be expanded to include Puerto Rico and Canada’s provinces and territories later this year.

Non profit making Triple A is an amalgamation of dozens of independently operated US motor clubs representing over fifty two million members which has been at the cutting edge of auto technology since 1902. Speaking of the online introduction of the guide AAA Vice President of Public Affairs Kathleen Marvaso said:

“This new online resource helps drivers and others navigate the complex patchwork of state motor vehicle laws, putting a wealth of information about traffic laws, licensing policies, and vehicle regulations just a click away.

“Many websites simply link back to state DMV sites or focus separately on traffic safety laws, vehicle regulations, or driver licensing. DrivingLaws.AAA.com is a single, user-friendly clearinghouse for information from across the full spectrum of rules that impact motorists.”

Other topics featured include state graduated driver’s licensing systems, child safety seat and seat belt laws, licensing for senior drivers, distracted driving laws, titling and registration, safety and emissions inspections, motorcycles and mopeds, auto insurance requirements, passenger car towing, and Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) fees and taxes.

With some of the most important, and sometimes controversial, campaigns in US automotive history already under their belts from pedestrian safety through truck drivers’ hours of service to mapping and fuel protests, this move by one of America’s oldest established Associations is likely to prove one of the most popular and useful to drivers.

Access to the free service can be obtained HERE.