Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Freight Truck Efficiency Body Plan The Future Of Haulage

NACFE Begins its Mammoth Assessment Task
Shipping News Feature

US – The North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE), the body formed last year with the intention of standardising and improving the accuracy of statistics emanating from the freight truck sector of the shipping industry, have completed the election of Directors to push the aims of the group forward.

In November the Council made an appeal for funds from Government and industry members but don’t think this is a lightweight group of failed truck operators keen to make a quick buck. The newly formed board contains some heavyweight luminaries including representatives from both haulage interests and customers, all with a keen interest in knowing how to get the best from vehicles on the road.

Directors include representatives from Kraft Foods, Eaton Corporation, Con-way Truckload, Cummins Inc., Michelin Tires and other major groups. The avowed intent of the organisation, which sprang from an April 2009 meeting of the Rocky Mountain Institute, whose own aim is to ensure efficient use of resources, is to cut the amount of energy used in trucking freight by as much as fifty percent.

The principal task of the Council is to assimilate the huge amounts of data which is already available and ensure that the rhetoric, myth, exaggeration and downright lies are filtered out so that they can disseminate accurate figures to fleet owners, technology developers, drivers and the like.