Friday, June 10, 2011

Freight Truck Drivers Welcome Fuel Filling Assistance

New Gadget Provides an Inexpensive Solution to Perennial Problem
Shipping News Feature

UK – WORLDWIDE - All drivers are familiar with the tedium of filling up since the automatic fuel locks were removed for safety reasons. A driver used to be able to leave the pump operating unattended knowing it would automatically stop when the tank was full. Unfortunately the attempt for safety reasons to stop petrol spilling across the forecourt was extended to diesel pumps leaving freight truck drivers to either stand clutching the filler for up to 15 minutes, or wedging a tennis ball in the handle or a paper clip in the redundant mechanism. Now a device approved by the Freight Transport Association (FTA) and available at their on line shop may prove a solution.

The problem can be even more serious for those with weak wrists such as sufferers from Reynaud’s Disease, Arthritis and similar afflictions. A new British invention called fuelgrip™, a small, reusable fuel pump trigger grip retailing at just £2.99, has the attraction of being convenient and inexpensive for the consumer while providing a practical solution for people that have large fuel tanks to fill, or for those with compromised hand grip. Kevin De’Cort, managing director of manufacturers Hands off Solutions says:

“HGV drivers find refuelling tedious, an average truck will take 15 minutes to fill and many drivers use tennis balls or blocks of wood to hold the fuel trigger in place. We have had very positive feedback from all types of drivers. Each fuelgrip™ measures 750mm by 902mm, and is easily stored inside the vehicle or even locks neatly around the petrol cap on many popular makes of car.”

Importantly for fleet owners fuelgrip™ can also be branded with individual company names and a colour specific version is also being piloted. The device, which simply clips onto a fuel pump trigger to securely hold it in the ‘on’ position until the driver removes it, has drawn favourable comments from those who have tried it thus far and will be making its debut at Truckfest.

For more information purchasers can contact Kevin De’Cort on +44 (0)7792 327393 or

Photo:- The fuelgrip™ in use.