Sunday, October 3, 2010

Freight Truck Drivers Appeal For Help - With Our One Thousand Pound Plus Prize For Top Donor

Aid Needed for Truckers Who Suffer from the 'Terrible to the Tragic'
Shipping News Feature

UK – As the only charity in Britain which supports truck drivers when they hit difficult times, the Professional Drivers Association are seeking prize sponsors for their annual Foundation Christmas Raffle and have issued an appeal for companies in the freight and haulage fields to put something back to assist truckers who are suffering from a variety of hardships. The Handy Shipping Guide will sponsor the most generous prize donor with a prize of our own – a year’s free advertising.

Trustee of the Association Ian Ratcliffe told the Handy Shipping Guide:

“As summer fades into autumn once more, our thoughts turn to the fast approaching festive season and the many joys it brings. Among these is the annual Professional Drivers Foundation Christmas Raffle, one of our most significant fundraising efforts every year.

“Our efforts count for nought without your generosity however. Any raffle is only as good as its prizes, and so I once again proffer our metaphorical begging bowl in the hope that you can find something to help us help drivers.

“The Professional Drivers Foundation has remained busy, aiding and assisting drivers and their families in an unbelievable variety of situations from the terrible to the tragic. All that we help have one thing in common; their problems have come through no fault of their own.

“Anything you can find, whether lorry related or not will be gratefully received and used to help our continuing efforts as the only charitable group dedicated to helping drivers.”

The raffle is held on traditional lines and with all prize donors credited on the PDA’s website and leading sponsors mentioned as such on the actual tickets. The draw will be held at the Wisbech base of Brett’s Transport on the 18th December and the Handy Shipping Guide is chipping in with its own offer designed to tempt sponsors to put up a worthwhile prize.

The company which comes up with the top prize will be entitled to a year’s free advertising in the Handy Shipping Guide in a suitable category (itself worth over £1000) and we will also assist in preparing suitable artwork free of charge to ensure your company gets full and targeted exposure to potential customers.

Although the PDA is a UK based charity this offer extends to all our readers worldwide. For details of how to take part in this worthy cause e mail Ian Ratcliffe at   or call him on 01354 740513 or 07976 617059.