Friday, November 18, 2016

Freight Truck Association Hails Veterans as Cure for Recruitment Issues

ATA Welcomes Government Training Scheme for Former Soldiers
Shipping News Feature
AUSTRALIA – The Australian Trucking Association (ATA), which represents the interests of the country’s road haulage companies, has greeted warmly the announcement that the Australian government is planning to set up an advisory committee and invest more in training soldiers leaving the Australian Defence Force (ADF) for their post military career. The ATA says that the programme offers the promise of alleviating the critical shortage of drivers that the Australian road freight industry is experiencing.

A report published by ATA Foundation Sponsor Volvo earlier this year found that Australia has a professional truck driver shortage. The report stated that 46% of surveyed trucking operators in Australia are experiencing a shortage of available drivers, and 52% have an issue attracting the quantity of drivers needed for their business.

The report further identified that trucking is a ‘critical enabler of economic growth’. Fixing the driver shortage is critical for the economy as 75% of non-bulk domestic freight is carried on roads and freight demands are predicted to double from 2010 to 2030. Geoff Crouch, Managing Director of Ron Crouch Transport and Vice Chair of the ATA, said the Australian trucking industry will reap benefits from the Prime Minister’s Veterans Employment Programme:

“The trucking industry is a natural partner for this programme and the present driver shortage in the trucking industry demonstrates its potential to not just benefit ADF personnel but the wider economy. These people are exceptionally valuable members of the workforce, and this is a result of the training the army provides to these professionals.

“Knowing the skill and the commitment these people have, I wouldn’t hesitate to employ former members of the army. I encourage businesses in the trucking industry to take advantage of this unique opportunity, and become a Veteran Employment Ambassador.”