Thursday, June 17, 2010

Freight Transport Association Promote Rail Cargo Alternatives

Free Service to Assess Practicality to Shippers
Shipping News Feature

UK – The Freight Transport Association (FTA) tends to be associated with road haulage possibly more than other forms of shipping but today the organisation, which sees itself much more as a multi modal operation, launches a new initiative, FTA FastTrack, which is designed to provide those companies which wish to investigate the benefits of switching to rail freight, with impartial advice.

The FTA say that rail freight is cleaner, producing only 1% of total man made global CO2 emissions and each freight train takes around fifty trucks of British roads. The FTA claim FastTrack will provide logistics buyers with access to a range of information on rail freight. Through one simple form the potential user will provide information on type of freight, number and volume of shipments and origin and destination points. FastTrack will then provide an assessment of feasibility, cost and environmental benefit.

Christopher Snelling, FTA’s Head of Global Supply Chain Policy, said:

“Rail freight has a tremendous amount to offer now but there may still be some companies that don’t explore the rail option as they assume it will not work for them, or that it will be too complicated. FTA wants to help encourage those companies to think rail by providing a very simple to use first step which can estimate if rail is a possibility for them and if so, where they would go from here.

“Rail freight has the potential to really grow in the next few years, but in order for it to properly flourish we need to make it more accessible to new entrants. FastTrack will help companies to break down potential barriers to entry enabling them to quickly come to a well-informed view on whether they can tap into the benefits of rail freight and, if so, how.”

The FTA’s FastTrack rail assessment service is launched today at their Logistics Carbon Reduction Conference held in London in conjunction with leading transport consultancy Intermodality. Anyone interested in finding out more about the scheme, initially free of charge can investigate HERE.