Thursday, July 1, 2010

Freight Transport Association Opens In Ireland

New Multi Modal Group to Promote Responsible Transport
Shipping News Feature

IRELAND – A branch of the Freight Transport Association (FTA) has been launched in Ireland in response to requests from numerous businesses to help them raise the profile of responsible and efficient logistics practices in the Republic of Ireland and will trade under the acronym FTAI. Founding members of the new, multi-modal trade association include some of the largest companies working in Ireland as well as prominent Irish transport groups and the new organisation will actively seek members to promote the aspirations of the FTA.

FTA Ireland’s purpose is to help its members to develop safer, more efficient and sustainable supply chains and transport operations. FTAI will work to enhance the influence and image of the freight and logistics industry in Ireland by promoting high standards in compliance and safety. FTAI is committed to working with its industry and government partners to achieve these objectives and develop a highly innovative, efficient, competitive and sustainable Irish freight and logistics industry to support the Irish economy.

FTA Ireland intends to give Irish businesses a new opportunity to present their combined views on transport policy. This will be agreed at regular member meetings. With its multi-modal perspective, FTA Ireland will also provide a voice for businesses involved in the maritime and ports sector as well as aviation. As it develops, FTA Ireland members will also benefit from a suite of high quality information services provided by FTA and designed to cater for their needs, including the clear interpretation of Irish and EU legislation and access to regular news and information bulletins.

FTA Ireland is a not for profit membership trade association for the freight and logistics industry in Ireland. FTAI will be wholly owned and governed by its members and will act solely in the advancement of their collective best interests. It will cover all aspects of the freight, passenger transport and logistics supply chain, including road, rail, sea, air, port, airport and public service transport interests, whether as operators of freight and logistics services, coach and bus operators or as shippers.

The twenty two initial members include household names such as DHL, FedEx,Wincanton, Tesco and UPS plus a host of other names well known in the Irish logistics market and overseas. Chris Welsh, General Manager at FTA and responsible for establishing FTA Ireland, commented on the launch:

“FTA Ireland aims to replicate the role and service in Ireland that FTA provides for its members in the UK. Members of FTA Ireland aspire to the same high standards of safe, efficient and sustainable operations and membership is open to all transport operators and logistics buyers in Ireland. We are pleased to be supporting Irish business in this way and helping responsible companies to demonstrate high standards of commercial vehicle operation to the Dublin Government and the Irish public.

“FTA Ireland is an autonomous organisation that will have its own Board and policy making committees and will develop its own channels of communication with the Irish Government and other policy agencies. It will benefit from the stewardship and capabilities of FTA, including its range of information and support services, but it will be an Irish voice for Irish logistics.”

At this time we do not have a web address for FTAI but enquiries can be addressed to Chris Welch on 00 44 7818 450556 or via the FTA website.