Thursday, January 12, 2017

Freight Transport Association and everywoman Awards Celebrate New Nomination Categories

Less Than a Month Now to Name the Women in the Industry Deserving Recognition
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UK – The nominations for the 2017 FTA everywoman Transport & Logistics Awards were well and truly opened last night at a celebration in Central London. Hosted by sponsors KPMG at its Grosvenor Street offices the event gave everywoman founders Maxine Benson and Karen Gill the opportunity to explain to the many companies associated with the forthcoming event a chance to explain how the latest award categories have been updated to reflect the changes seen recently in the freight and logistics sector.

This year sees the Awards enter their tenth year and nominations close on February 6 and can be made here. The actual Awards ceremony will take place at the London Marriot Hotel on June 21 and categories this year, as explained in detail in our December article, are:

  • The Freight Award
  • The Passenger Award
  • The Infrastructure Award
  • The Supply Chain Award
  • The Warehousing Award
  • Industry Champion of the Year Award (open to both male and female candidates)
For each category (except Industry Champion) there will also be an ‘Above and Beyond Award’ and a ‘Leader Award’.

Above and Beyond celebrates a woman, at any stage of her career, who has gone the extra mile to achieve success for her organisation.

The Leader Award celebrates a woman in a senior role who has made a significant contribution to the strategic direction of the business.

In redefining the categories everywoman set up a steering committee supported by sponsor FTA to guide the awards intentions. It concentrated on items such as attracting the best talent to the sector, including those with a passion for the industry. It also looked at the impact of technology and ensured women at all stages of their careers were included, not just rising stars but those who had been involved in the long term.

Speeches came from Sue Kershaw, representing the night’s hosts KPMG, who said contrary to many widely held beliefs that modern women did not lack confidence, nor were they inclined to ‘pull up the ladder’ thus preventing younger talent to follow them in their chosen career.

The next speaker was David Wells, Chief Executive of the FTA who said how delighted his organisation was to sponsor the Awards again this year and saying how he felt that the Awards brought about positive social change. He pointed out the industry employs 2.3 million workers with less than 25% being female. Worse still in the field of heavy goods transport, an area desperately short of skilled drivers, only 1% were women, this in a job which has evolved considerably with trucks much improved.

David Wells also pointed out that Brexit might possibly exacerbate the situation with uncertainty over the status of foreign drivers adding to the problems already brought about by an ageing workforce. He added however how encouraged he had been by the response to the FTA stand at the Skills Show at the NEC in November where 75,000 visitors attended, whilst lamenting the general public’s reticence to recognise the importance of logistics as a career.

The final speech of the night was from Karrie Trauth, a previous everywoman Award winner, who enthused how important these Awards had become, not just for her but for her employer, Shell, which had benefited from the publicity it had engendered. Press coverage had resulted in enquiries, promoted the cause of women in the workplace and led to personal promotion for herself.

Photo: Maxine Benson MBE and Karen Gill MBE open proceedings at the nomination launch party.