Monday, February 27, 2017

Freight Train Derailed in Turkey by Rebel Bomb

Security Forces Accuse PKK of Attack
Shipping News Feature
TURKEY – A freight train has been derailed in the south eastern province of Diyarbakir by what Turkish security forces say was a bomb planted by Kurdish rebels of the PKK group. There were no casualties. The attack is the latest in what appears to be part of a strategy to disrupt Turkey’s passenger and freight rail infrastructure as several bombs were used last year to derail trains in the country.

Turkey has suffered a series of bombings in the last two years as the country has struggled with insurgencies from the Kurdish dominated PKK and from ISIS that have been aimed at inflicting maximum casualties on civilian and/or military targets. This operation appears to be aiming at a much softer target by hitting rail communications in the remote regions of the country and with no real interest in gaining ‘splash’ headlines from the action as no claim of responsibility has been made.

Turkey has undertaken an extremely violent crackdown on its Kurdish minorities since it resumed military operations against the PKK in July 2015 which has seen a number of towns destroyed and thousands of deaths. With violence continuing in the country further attacks on such soft and indefensible targets should be expected.

Photo: The city of SIrnak, much of which has been destroyed in the recent conflict.