Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Freight Throughput Can Be Checked Remotely Using New Logistics 'App'

Vitronic Enable Mobile Assessment of Cargo Hub Performance
Shipping News Feature

EUROPE – The Nottingham branch of German based Vitronic advise us they are the first manufacturer of camera-based parcel identification technology to offer an ‘App’ for system operators wishing to check their cargo hub’s performance and efficiency. Compatible with Apple’s touch-screen iPad, it allows users to run remote diagnostics immediately from any location in network range.

Intralogistics providers who supply technical systems and services to help manage in-house materials handling requirements could previously only use the web based software to monitor the performance and efficiency of their automated sorting systems at fixed workstations.

Now, using the Vitronic iPad App users can collect the necessary information and display it wherever in the hub they may be as the portable iPad can monitor a hub’s freight throughput figures completely wirelessly and with just a couple of finger swipes it can display the status and read-rate of each individual parcel identification unit, plus all current and archived read results.