Sunday, January 3, 2010

Freight Terminal Truck And Trailer Fire Causes Extensive Damage

Perth Facility Explosion sees Vehicles Damaged but no Reported Casualties
Shipping News Feature

AUSTRALIA – Mystery surrounds the circumstances surrounding the explosion of a fertiliser truck last night which in turn caused a series of fires and smaller explosions at the Greyhound Freight Terminal in Welshpool, Perth. An eye witness stated he was riding a motorcycle past the Moriarty Road depot when the first explosion occurred and was nearly knocked off the machine by the blast. The police were also passing and immediately witnessed several more explosions when they blocked the street with their vehicle.

Fire crews numbering around 35 were rapidly deployed and swiftly brought the fire under control but the damage is estimated at A$3 million by locals. A Perth police inspector stated that the incident was highly suspicious but later reports seem to indicate the fire might have started accidentally. A Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) Pollution Response Unit was deployed to ensure no toxic run off was allowed to pollute water courses and that air pollution was at safe levels. No dangerous readings were found and arson officers were still investigating. At last reports the main Welshpool Road between Leach Highway in the North and Pilbara Street in the South was closed to all traffic.

Details of precise damage are still sketchy but it is thought the original truck and trailer was destroyed along with extensive damage to other trailers, a tractor unit and at least one car. Greyhound tie in freight operations with their prime coach and bus transport business.