Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Freight Terminal and Warehouse Floors Need Durable Markings

US Group uses Technology to Re-Invent an Everyday Product
Shipping News Feature

US – Mundane though it may seem the small things are essential to any logistics business and the durability of floor markings in a busy warehouse environment is important to ensure Health & Safety legislation is adhered to at all times. Now North Carolina based Stop-painting.com has come up with a product which it says is simply harder wearing than any of its predecessors. Stop-painting.com is owned by Insite Solutions, LLC, the manufacturer of Superior Mark and Last Mark floor marking tapes, and concentrates on producing products designed to outlast competitors.

Superior Mark X Markers and T Markers (see photo) are two new products in the range featuring bevelled edges and recessed adhesive to maximize durability. These new floor markers create a more durable and cost effective way to visually organize the industrial floors of factories and warehouses.

After experimenting with various angles of Superior Mark’s edge, Superior Mark creator Cliff Lowe developed an edge that is scientifically proven to withstand more force than any other angle. In addition, the pressure sensitive adhesive is recessed to just behind the bevelled edge. So when a forklift pushing a pallet exerts force against Superior Mark tape, the pallet will ride up and over the edge, rather than dislodging the floor tape.

The expansive floors of factories, freight terminals and warehouses are a challenge to organize, yet an effective method of organization is critical to efficiency and workplace safety. While many facilities attempt to use paint to mark the floors, painting requires shut down time and is difficult to maintain. Most industrial floors bear the burden of heavy forklift traffic, which can destroy painted lines in a matter of minutes. These facilities operate around the clock, and shutting down to repaint is a significant cost.

Inside industrial facilities, there is a frequent need for creating box shapes on the floor, whether it be to create work cells, pallet alignment systems, forklift parking areas, or other clearly delineated rectangular spaces. Usually rectangles are marked with solid lines of paint or a thin grade of vinyl tape. These solid lines undergo heavy traffic as forklifts and heavy machinery pass over them, pushing pallets or dragging other materials, which quickly damage the lines beyond recognition. Retouching the box with paint requires a costly shut down, and thin vinyl tape requires labour intensive scraping to remove completely.

The most effective way of marking these spaces is therefore not with solid lines, but rather by using a combination of markers. L's, T's, X's, and Dots can be combined to delineate spaces for pallets or equipment. This allows plenty of unmarked space between the markers to accommodate the traffic. The floor marking will still be highly visible and create the safer organized workspace that is desired. Details of the full product range are available on the website or from cliff@stop-painting.com