Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Freight, Shipping and Logistics Staff Needed to Throw Themselves Off a (Very High) Building

Charity Abseil Seeks Transport Personnel (or Anyone Else) With Taste for Excitement
Shipping News Feature

UK – Now is the chance for those in the freight, shipping and logistics sectors to ‘screw their courage to the sticking place’ and prove their bravery in a very good cause. On June 7, doughty volunteers, each of whom will have raised a minimum of a mere £350 in sponsorship, will get the chance to abseil down the 540 foot high Broadgate Tower in the centre of London’s commercial district. All this and a sparkling drinks reception hosted by Reed Smith to follow for those who make it in one piece!

The Sailors’ Society, which always comes up with interesting funding ideas to enable it to continue its excellent work around the globe supporting seafarers in ports far and wide, and offering both pastoral support and practical welfare to those in need. For those of fainter hearts but deeper pockets there is the Arrow and Lavinia Bulk Golf Day at Goodwood on 1 May, or those with a sailing bent or ambition could try the Clipper Regatta in the Solent on 11 June (no experience necessary), but it seems for some the thought of abseiling in London has the required elements.

One of those aiming to descend from the heights is Image Line’s head of maritime PR, Patrik Wheater, who briefly served in the Royal Navy and who recalls his limited abseiling experience as ‘dropping like a stone’. He says:

“Having first-hand experience of what life at sea is like and having met so many seafarers during my career, I know what a remarkable job they do. The Sailors’ Society does an equally remarkable job providing non-denominational pastoral care to more than 345,000 sailors, many of whom work in very difficult conditions and are away from their families for months on end. This is a really good cause and I hope that others will think, Good Lord, if Wheater can do it, then I can too!”

Details of how to apply for any of the abovementioned events can be obtained simply by clicking on the highlighted links for each one. Don’t prevaricate – get signed up and show your mettle!