Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Freight on the Frontier

Shipping Agent for Afghanistan Thinks Safety Improving
Shipping News Feature

PAKISTAN / AFGHANISTAN – For those hauliers who think they’ve got it bad, spare a thought for your fellow truckers and haulage agents in Afghanistan who not only have the savage winters of the Hindu Kush to deal with, they have the occasional insurgent intent on blowing their load up as well! Despite this things seem to be getting better.

Speaking to the Handy Shipping Guide Captain Mehmood, a Director of Fiza Logistics (FL) said that: “We’ve had our bad experiences. About 180 kilometres from Jalalabad the Taleban burnt four of our oil tankers and in another incident four of our reefer containers carrying ISAF food stuffs were switched off for 34 hours. The produce was ruined.

“They also fired a rocket at containers near Camp Bastion in Helmand."

However, he went onto say that the greater presence of the US Army and ISAF forces had improved security for freight shipments.

“There are only 1% of the incidents compared to 2002-2005. We have participated in many contracts and have an excellent logistics service with security and insurance."

Based in Pakistan FL has been operating in Afghanistan since 1998 and offer a range of services from FCL/LCL to outsize cargoes and door-to-door deliveries. They have shipped such diverse items as refuse vehicles for the British Forces stationed at Camp Bastion to medical equipment for USAID.

(pic: Swat Valley © Dan Shingleton)