Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Freight Lost In Transit as Shipping Containers Go Overboard

Storms Account for Another Victim as Vessel Hit in Bay of Biscay
Shipping News Feature

BAY OF BISCAY – The notorious weather in the region has been responsible for a major incident concerning freight in transit when the 8,160 TEU container vessel Svendborg Maersk, lost a significant number of boxes overboard, during very rough weather in the Bay of Biscay on February 14. Although no official statement on the actual number has been given, it is thought that over 200 containers have been lost with other containers on board damaged as a result of collapsed stacks.

Weather conditions at the time of the incident were severe with wind blowing 60 knots and waves reaching 10 metres. Local maritime authorities were informed of the incident and nautical warnings broadcast about floating containers. With the crew safe and accounted for, minor damages are reported to the vessel. The Svendborg Maersk had been on her way to Colombo, Sri Lanka but following the incident, the vessel called the port of Malaga on 17 February for re-stowage of the collapsed stacks and repair of various equipment hit by shifted containers.

Maersk Line has promised to contact all shippers affected by the incident as and when details become available.

Photo: The Svendborg Maersk in calmer waters.