Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Freight Interests Warned of New Items Requiring Conformity Certificates for Qatar

Several Major Products now need Ratification Prior to Importation
Shipping News Feature

QATAR – Intertek, the company specialising in conformity for goods being imported into world markets which demand evidence of national standards has issued a list of items which now require ratification prior to entering circulation in the country by any freight method. The Government of the State of Qatar, through the Qatar Ministry of Business and Trade Department of Consumer Protection and the Qatar General Organization for Standards and Metrology (QGOSM), has expanded the range of products now requiring evidence of Conformity before entering into the Qatari market.

The new items include:

Electrical Products: Electric Irons, Hair Dryers and Fans (Ceiling fans, Duct fans, Partition fans, Pedestal fans, Table fans and Industrial fans).

Vehicle Spare Parts: Safety Belts, Wheel Rims and Brake Pads

Cosmetics: Perfumery Products, Shampoo and Henna

Plus all manner of Children’s Toys.

All consignments of the above products must have an evidence of Conformity in the form of Test Reports/Certificates of Conformity. The Test Reports issued for the products should be from an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory with testing performed based on the applicable standard requirements. The validity of the test report should not be more than one year old from its issue date.

These documents are mandatory Customs clearance documents in Qatar submitted by the Importer for the clearance of these shipments of the above regulated products. The documents confirm that the regulated products are in compliance with the applicable Qatar Sanctioned Standards. Intertek has been given the approval from QGOSM to participate in the programme and to issue these documents for the aforementioned products.

For further information check out the Intertek website or e mail info.government@intertek.com  

Photo: Children’s toys of all sorts will need to conform to the latest regulations.