Sunday, January 16, 2011

Freight Haulage Groups Unite To Support Fair Fuel Prices

Your Chance to Influence The Cost of Diesel
Shipping News Feature

UK – Rarely has one issue united the disparate forces of commercial vehicle operators than the recent increases in diesel and petrol prices imposed by across the board price hikes. With the legacy of the last Labour Government’s excise duty increases imposed from this month, plus more to come in April and the barrel price of crude seemingly beyond the control of anyone but overseas producers, freight hauliers are seeking some respite from ever spiraling costs.

Now the severity of the situation has served to focus the attention of all representative groups and everybody now has a chance to register their views with the help of a website set up by Peter Carroll who has his roots in commercial haulage and was responsible for orchestrating the extremely successful Gurkha Justice campaign from 2003, which went on to ensure the forgotten soldiers and their families received their just desserts from the UK Government after decades of poor treatment.

The FairFuel UK website contains a section enabling anyone to register their objection by way of a petition. This is aimed not only at the freight and commercial vehicle sector, who are largely immune to at least the VAT element of the cost of fuel which they can usually pass on, but at anyone who feels this is an increase too far.

The campaign has managed to pull together the two biggest hitters on the UK freight haulage scene, the Road Haulage Association (RHA) and the Freight Transport Association (FTA), two organizations not generally known for sharing a platform and demonstrating, not only the seriousness of the situation for truck and van operators and owners, but the ability of Peter Carroll to have people come together for a common aim.

You can hear the points raised by FairFuel UK in a BBC interview HERE and register your vote on the FairFuel UK website.