Friday, February 8, 2013

Freight Group Has Something for Road Haulage, Environment, Drivers and Women in Logistics !

Lots of News this Month from the FTA - Some of it Urgent !
Shipping News Feature

UK – IRELAND - The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has been especially proactive this month with many subjects important to road haulage operators and shipping and logistics interests alike. The most urgent item on the agenda must be the fact that it’s last orders for anyone who wishes to enter themselves or a colleague in the FTA sponsored everywoman in Transport and Logistics Awards. Besides this the FTA have a strong message for drivers in London regarding parking, or the lack of it, an extension to submissions from environmental achievers and the latest on the forthcoming Irish Transport Manager Seminar.

Firstly one for the ladies, applications for the 2013 FTA everywoman in Transport and Logistics Awards close on Monday 11th February so if you are, or know of, a suitable candidate for one of the many categories, now’s the time to say so. The annual awards celebrate the achievements of women throughout the sector, from truck drivers to directors, young guns, innovators, warehouse personnel etc. Take a look at the categories here and give you, or a friend, colleague, supplier or customer a little free publicity and a pat on the back for their achievements.

Rules and Regulations are laid out HERE and nominations can be made HERE and the FTA is committed to enhancing the roles of women throughout the whole supply chain as Theo de Pencier, FTA Chief Executive pointed out saying:

“The FTA is exceptionally proud to be the Title Partner of the 2013 everywoman in Transport and Logistics Awards. Women are an essential part of every aspect of supply chains, from drivers and warehouse staff, to transport managers and managing directors. Industry cannot be passive in attracting women, and the everywoman awards are the perfect opportunity to showcase how women can make a career in transport a successful and fulfilling one which is why FTA is delighted to support this event. FTA is leading by example through the high proportion of female specialists and managers it employs and women also hold key positions on its Main Operating Board.”

Whilst seeking nominations the FTA has extended the deadline for entries to the Logistics Carbon Reduction Scheme (LCRS) awards to Friday 22 February. The awards, which were launched in September, will be presented at FTA’s Cutting Carbon, Cutting Costs Conference to be held in May. These inaugural LCRS Awards have been developed to celebrate the efforts of green leaders in the freight industry, recognising the efforts of individual LCRS members to reduce their carbon emissions from freight activity.

There are four award categories all celebrating effective carbon reduction via fuel efficiency (sponsored by Bridgestone Tyres); through use of alternative low carbon fuels and technologies (sponsored by Iveco); through innovative fleet management and the employment of low carbon transport modes.

For further information on the LCRS Awards or to sign up to the LCRS (which is free of charge and open to any size company) simply click HERE.

Any driver, heavy goods or otherwise, knows the perils of driving in London, avoiding the occasional suicidal cyclist aside the stress and expense of simply trying to manoeuvre about the capital is problematic enough. When it comes to parking however the PCN Survey 2012 came up with some statistics for the dreaded Penalty Charge Notices which many drivers will recognise.

Firstly the survey confirmed that around 80% of fines were levied by only a third of London authorities, with the London Borough of Westminster, London Borough of Camden, City of London and Transport for London more likely to issue to PCN’s than other London boroughs. Helpfully it also revealed where were the problem areas for drivers attempting to load and offload which the FTA says can be useful to operators and drivers in respect of areas in which to be vigilant for parking restrictions.

As any haulier in London knows often the notices are issued almost indiscriminately and can be overturned on appeal as bylaws were in fact not being infringed but this merely wraps the operator in more red tape and produces unrecoverable costs. The FTA has a range of compliance and support materials to help members manage their PCN’s including a Compliance Guide, Driver Card and a Delivery Assessment Guide, which was written with the co-operation of a Westminster Council official and provides valuable help and advice for commercial vehicle operators. Natalie Chapman, FTA's Head of Policy for London said:

"Commercial vehicle operators have grown smarter when dealing with the problems of making deliveries in the unfriendly roadside environment of central London, but the findings of the survey suggest that there is a need for them to improve their understanding of how certain parking restrictions apply. As well as training drivers and identifying PCN hotspots, a well-targeted and intelligent approach to appealing unfair PCN’s could save some companies hundreds of thousands of pounds a year.

"It is equally important for local authorities to ensure that there is sufficient kerbside space and facilities for deliveries, and for Civil Enforcement Officers to understand why trucks and vans may be in a restricted parking area in the first place, and to apply some common sense when issuing tickets."

Meanwhile in Ireland RSA Insurance, the country’s largest General Insurance company has become the latest sponsor of the Freight Transport Association Ireland (FTAI) Transport Manager Seminar 2013, a seminar specifically geared to keeping transport managers up to speed with compliance developments in Ireland. Chief Executive of the Road Safety Authority, Noel Brett, will be the keynote speaker at the event, which takes place on 6 March at Johnstown House Hotel & Spa, Enfield, County Meath.

The FTAI seminar this year is aimed at ensuring that freight operators have all the information, guidance and best practice advice necessary to enable them to keep up-to-date with the challenges of forthcoming legislation and enforcement changes in Ireland. Aidan Flynn of FTA Ireland said:

“We are delighted that RSA Insurance has committed to supporting not only the Transport Manager seminar, but also to work with the association to provide sustainable, competitive insurance products for our members in recognition of the accreditation scheme and their desire to be compliant operators.”

Places at the Seminar can be booked HERE.

Photo: Anyone who gets the needle with parking attendants can return the favour with a Traffic Warden voodoo doll available from Caraselle Direct.