Monday, July 22, 2019

Freight Forwarding Young Professionals Get the Chance to Network with Their Peers

Experienced Industry Coach Will Pass On Experience
Shipping News Feature
UK – The chronic shortage of able personnel which is blighting the logistics industry has of late commanded some serious attention from the bodies responsible for the various sectors of the industry. Training and apprenticeship courses are proliferating around the country, driven by the knowledge that professions such as road haulage are rapidly running out of HGV drivers, doubly concerning in the light of Brexit uncertainty.

Training however can only take candidates so far and the initiative taken by the British International Freight Association (BIFA), the body which attends to the needs of the freight forwarding community, has been proactive in consolidating and extending the abilities of young candidates working in the profession with its Young Forwarder Network (YFN) programme.

Having recently held the last of its initial YFN regional group launches, the opportunities to understand the nuances of the industry are being taken to the next stage and August 8th will see the BIFA YFN host a free professional development event for members near Heathrow.

Renowned professional speaker and coach, Rudee Bertie will provide insight on how members can increase their confidence and personal brand through better professional networking. Bertie, has worked in freight forwarding, air cargo and customs brokerage for over 30 years. Having started as an apprentice, he has acquired an extensive knowledge of the complex business of customs clearance and set-up his own company.

Bertie will give attendees an array of practical tips to boost confidence, gained through personal experience, by having to push himself out of his comfort zone, as he has built-up his business through attending many networking events around the world. Carl Hobbis, BIFA’s Training Development Manager says:

“During each of the initial launch events, participants were given an opportunity to discuss how they would like their regional groups to operate going forwards. Less formal events, easily accessible venues, engaging speakers, later start times were the common feedback themes.

“The event in August is one immediate response, but each YFN group is also organising behind-the-scenes tours. Places on the four tours organised to date were quickly filled, but there are plenty of others planned. All the regional groups are planning careers events to take place in Spring 2020 and it has also been agreed that all apprentices (that are members of the YFN) can benefit from a 20 percent reduction in the cost of any BIFA training course.

“The four initial launch events have been very successful with over 200 people attending and the participants seemed to appreciate the opportunity to network with their peers and learn from industry professionals. What we now need is for BIFA members to actively encourage and support attendance of their staff at YFN events, as well as support in the form of patronage, connecting the YFN with engaging speakers, sponsorship, as well as providing facilities for meetings

“I appreciate that companies want a return on their investment of time, but I am convinced that they will get this by supporting BIFA’s YFN initiative and its activities.”

Photo: Rudee Bertie.