Thursday, January 26, 2012

Freight Forwarding Software Brought Up To Date

Impatex Introduces Latest Features to Browser Based Format
Shipping News Feature

UK – Few suppliers of bespoke software for the freight forwarding sector can claim to have been around as long as, or as successful, as Hampshire based Impatex which has been supplying Customs processing systems for over thirty years now. The company’s web-based NetFreight product is designed particularly for small to medium sized multimodal forwarders and the system has just undergone its largest-ever upgrade, embodying many new and enhanced features with the latest release particularly designed to satisfy the needs of larger, multi-branch customers.

Successful trials among Impatex’s NetFreight customers in the USA has led to the introduction of e-Freight capability meaning users can now send electronic airwaybills in the form of FWB and FHL messages direct from the system. NetFreight also now includes a full warehouse management system that stores and updates information such as stock levels, which can be made visible to customers via the internet.

Customers still have the choice of using third party packages to generate reports but there is now a new inbuilt report generator with a high degree of customisation whilst comprehensive permissions now enable NetFreight administrators to give users tailor-made access levels: a development particularly aimed at larger, more complex organisations where separate departments deal with different aspects of shipments. Inbuilt auditing keeps track of every action by staff dealing with a given shipment, improving accountability.

Many existing functions of NetFreight have meanwhile been enhanced: its track and trace screens can now be customised to accommodate customers’ individual data requirements and can even carry their own corporate identities, so projecting a more professional image to their clients. Customers accessing the NetTrak facility can now print stored documents locally and e mails can now be sent direct from NetFreight, obviating the need to open a separate email client. The program’s courier functions have also been expanded and enhanced and in addition the system now generates and sends automatic post flights to customers by email.

Impatex has worked closely for some years with Southampton headquartered Albacore Systems, sponsors of the recent British International Freight Association (BIFA) award for staff development, which specialises in the freight and logistics sector and provides hardware, comms and support services for many Impatex customers to ensure complete satisfaction and reliability. Commenting on the advances to the system Impatex MD Peter Day said:

“NetFreight has come of age. It’s now a powerful freight management system with much richer functionality, comparable with any other system on the market. This latest release makes it a viable option for any forwarder, from the smallest upwards - including those with multiple locations in multiple countries.

“At the same time, NetFreight retains its unique browser-based format and functionality: notably the ability to use it from an iPad or laptop while away from the office. Increasingly, it’s this ability to work on the move that is attracting more and more customers away from traditional desk-based systems.”