Thursday, June 27, 2013

Freight Forwarding Outfit Sets Up Multimodal Chinese - European Cargo Links

Alternative to Air Freight Proposed by Geodis Wilson
Shipping News Feature

EUROPE – ASIA – Geodis Wilson, the freight forwarding and heavy lift division of the Geodis Group, has announced the expansion of its Asia-Pacific operations to include domestic rail cargo services in China, with multimodal intercontinental services between China and Europe also planned. Kim Pedersen, Executive Vice President of Geodis Wilson said:

“In Geodis Wilson we follow closely the development of this segment, particularly when it involves intercontinental connections between China and Europe. We are targeting customers who are looking for an alternative to airfreight with a longer lead time.”

As part of a mixed rail, sea, air and road transportation solution, Geodis Wilson’s new Chinese rail freight service will offer customised, flexible door-to-door services. Shipment of goods on container block trains as well as all pre- and post-rail transportation services will be offered. Value additions will include, pick-up, pre-carriage and on-carriage, reloading, control of transhipments, railway wagon planning, freight documentation and real-time tracking and tracing.

Geodis Wilson will also be launching services for 20 and 40 foot FCL options and break bulk from China to Central Asia, Mongolia, Russia and into Europe. This builds on its already existing services to Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Mongolia for a number of key customers including Dunlop Taikoo (Jinjiang) Aircraft Tyres, Mindray Medical International, TLD Asia, Sino Energy (Beijing), and Kashgar Tiandeli Industry.

Elsewhere in the Group, Geodis Logistics has signed a three-year contract with LG Electronics to manage logistics activities and road transport in Italy. This project, which involves about 40 people, will be implemented in Castel San Giovanni (near Milan) where Geodis Logistics owns a 250,000 m² logistics park. Stefano Piovan, Supply Chain Director of LG Electronics Italia said:

“LG has chosen a logistics operator which guarantees flexibility, high speed and ability to adapt to complex contexts as the ones where LG is active. Our ambitious growth expectations with Geodis spring from our strong need to achieve high quality and excellence levels for our customers.”

Geodis has created for LG Electronics a service proposal which consists of different activities, including warehousing, inbound, outbound and distribution through Geodis Züst Ambrosetti’s network to the final customer. In addition, Geodis will implement quality control services for incoming products to Castel San Giovanni, as well as deal with activities related to labelling, checking, testing and repackaging. Furthermore, 120,000 outbound parcels per year for LG Electronics products will be handled by Geodis for transport and delivery throughout Italy. Laurent Parat, Geodis Logistics CEO, commented: 

“Thanks to the experience [we have] gained working side by side with leading high technology brands, [Geodis] has proven to be the most suitable partner for LG Electronics, with whom we signed an important three-year contract. Thanks to our know-how, we are able to offer LG a great amount of flexibility in order to follow enduring market evolution and the compression of products life. Such experience allowed us to integrate our offer with reverse logistics services, thus ensuring the correct management of the end of products life cycle.”

Photo: Geodis Wilsons Kim Pedersen