Thursday, August 9, 2018

Freight Forwarding Outfit Contributes to Greener Global Supply Chain   

Solar Panels to Supply Sustainable Energy to Port Locations

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Shipping News Feature NETHERLANDS – In an era when environmental responsibility and green issues are the watchword for any company involved in the global supply chain one freight forwarding and warehousing company is going to extraordinary lengths to fulfil its obligations. More than 41,000 solar panels will shortly generate sustainable energy in the Port of Amsterdam for logistics services provider CWT. Spread across five locations, the panels will together form the largest solar project in Amsterdam.

In addition to transport and sea shipping operations, CWT is active in the Port of Amsterdam in fields including storage of cocoa and coffee. In order to carry out these activities in a sustainable manner, CWT has opted to use the roofs of its buildings to generate solar power. A combined total of 41,114 solar panels will generate more than 11 million kWh of green electricity.

In order to realise maximum yields from the roof surface, it has been decided to use extra powerful 300 watt peak solar panels. Once these solar panels are in operation, they will generate enough sustainable energy to supply green electricity to 3,100 households. CWT is working with solar energy firm KiesZon with respect to the development, financing, realisation and operation of the solar project.

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