Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Freight Forwarding, Logistics and Road Haulage - All Now Demand Certified Security Audits

Two Decades in Russian Market Aid Sustainable and Quantifiable Standards for One Operator
Shipping News Feature

RUSSIA – As anyone involved in freight forwarding or road haulage knows, standards these days are often determined by certification and audits which seem to be ever more demanding. Whether it be internal process audits controlled in house, or expensive undertakings by approved societies or associations, every year sees more requirements which need to be met, and of late security precautions, and the evidence they are adequately performed and monitored, is one field where things have been getting progressively more sophisticated as time moves on.

The security standards set by the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) are commonly regarded as state of the art industry security standards. The certificates are only awarded to facilities and fleets that meet highly complex requirements, after the aforementioned detailed inspections and audit processes and they can only be issued by specially trained and well respected TAPA auditors such as Bureau Veritas.

It was with some satisfaction therefore that Kuehne + Nagel was able to demonstrate the group’s commitment to meet highest security requirements, especially when storing and transporting high value goods when it came to the freight forwarder’s operations in Russia. K+N has seen its fleet of trucks attain TAPA Trucking Security (TSR) level 2 certification whilst the company’s logistics facilities adjacent to Moscow’s Domodedevo airport have achieved the standards required in accordance with TAPA Freight Security Requirements (FSR) level A. Perry Neumann, Managing Director Kuehne + Nagel Russia and Belarus, commented:

"Kuehne + Nagel has been providing high quality logistics services in the Russian market for more than 20 years. The achievement of receiving the TAPA certifications has definitely become a result of sustainable performance improvement and commitment to the highest standards of compliance and quality. The new achievement that is the first TSR certification in Russia and one of the few FSR certificates in the country allows us to be even better positioned in the logistics sector in the country to continue supporting our customers with freight forwarding solutions."