Thursday, May 3, 2012

Freight Forwarding Group Settle On Their Future Logistics Partner

Panalpina Team Up with Supply Chain Efficiency Specialists
Shipping News Feature

WORLDWIDE – Swiss freight forwarding and logistics group Panalpina has entered into a strategic partnership with Red Prairie, a US headquartered group with a thirty five year pedigree and which offers inventory, transportation and workforce solutions with the intention of enhancing the shipping group’s supply chain efficiency.

Panalpina will utilise modules from across RedPrairie’s product suite of Inventory Management, Transportation Management and Workforce Management applications. These solutions are intended to allow Panalpina to efficiently track and manage inventory and to develop the most effective ways to move goods through the entire supply chain while reducing cost and maximizing the performance of operations.

By meeting customer specific requirements Panalpina says it can offer more flexibility than previously and clients from the high-tech, automotive and healthcare industries will the first to benefit from the Swiss group’s latest investment in technology. Mike Mayoras, RedPrairie’s CEO illustrated the point saying:

“Flexibility is a key part of our expansive technology offering. Panalpina will be able to select from a wide range of solutions and services to meet its specific customer needs, benefiting from our powerful supply chain applications and our extensive know-how of supply chain processes.”

Panalpina puts great stock in what it terms its VAS, Value Added Logistics Services, and claims the association with Red Prairie will drive automation and efficiency within its Logistics product division. Mike Wilson, Panalpina's Global Head of Logistics explained:

"The RedPrairie suite gives us a global standardized platform for logistics and the ability to provide customized, flexible solutions for our customers in key VAS areas such as Inbound to Manufacturing, Production and Postponement Services and Distribution and Aftermarket Services."

Panalpina’s CEO Monika Ribar was suitably buoyant about the new collaboration and keen to emphasise how the move forms part of the company’s overall plan saying:

“Panalpina is well positioned for continued growth in the logistics market place. We have a global footprint, a ‘blue chip’ customer base and a clearly defined logistics strategy, which encompasses value-added services. We have built a strong, solutions-driven, global logistics team focused on execution. The partnership we now have with RedPrairie is the next step in the deployment of our strategy. RedPrairie has already established itself as a market leader. The suite of solutions we can now access coupled with our existing logistics tool set gives us a clear distinctive competence to offer the best possible solutions for our customers.”