Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Freight Forwarding Group Acquires Heathrow Facility

'Logical Strategic Move' for Priority
Shipping News Feature

UK – Just a day after our article warning of the dangers of transgressing the UK’s Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment (TUPE) legislation comes the story of a freight forwarding acquisition which managed to comply with all the regulations in which the Heathrow forwarding arm of AWLI Group Inc. has been acquired by Dover headquartered Priority Freight in what appears to be a painless transition.

Andrew Austin, Priority Freight’s CEO says that the purchase is a logical strategic move as the group bids to increase its time critical services. With the formalities of the purchase completed on 1st August, transition of AWLI’s four staff plus operations and customer services and the change of name to Priority Freight will be completed over the coming three months. Mr Austin continued:

“Critical to the success of our business is a hands-on approach, whereby our people are in total control of each shipment, all hours of the day and every step of the way. We will integrate the known expertise of AWLI to help maintain this control at a critical hub, Heathrow and within the crucial function of air cargo forwarding.”