Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Freight Forwarding Customers Advertising Bonus from Cargo Only Airline

Free Publicity is Not Pie in the Sky
Shipping News Feature
LUXEMBOURG – As we are always telling our own clients, it pays to advertise, but this week Europe’s largest freight only airline, Cargolux, has started a campaign that promotes its freight forwarding customers in a very prominent way – by adding their name and logos to the livery of its aircraft. The details are preceded by a ‘Powered By’ slogan and the first three Cargolux 747 freighters now carry the added branding of a major customer each along with the familiar, distinctive Cargolux colours.

First to benefit was Kuehne + Nagel, the airline’s leading customer and more company names are to appear on additional aircraft in the fleet in the near future. With this gesture Cargolux says it is underlining the importance of its successful long-term relations with the world’s freight forwarders which play such a prominent role in global supply chains and which continue to power Cargolux’s success.

Cargolux has begun to apply the branding of its partners to its aircraft during festive celebrations in the presence of customers representatives and Cargolux management. The combined colours will appear throughout the Cargolux network on airports around the world. Niek van der Weide, Cargolux EVP Sales & Marketing commented:

“For Cargolux, 2016 is the ‘Year of the Customer’, we focus our efforts and energy on what our partners in the industry require from us and strive to offer perfect solutions for their needs. Working with our customers in a mutually beneficial partnership, it is an honour for Cargolux to carry their name and logos on its freighters as a sign of friendship and the strengthening of our common goals.”