Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Freight Forwarding and Logistics Outfit Extends French Activities

Supply Chain Group Expands Paris Presence
Shipping News Feature

FRANCE – One could hardly call freight forwarding and logistics group Dachser underrepresented in France, but the supply chain specialist has added two more locations in the Paris area bringing the number of facilities in the country to 72. Paris Wissous, located near Paris-Orly International Airport, now serves as a transhipment point for industrial goods whilst the new Pantin location, northeast of the French capital, is in charge of supply to downtown Paris.

A 7,000 square metre, 70-dock transit terminal with 1,500 square metres of office space have been available in Paris Wissous since June. With approximately 100 employees, the terminal is located near several long-distance transit axes that head south or are near the Paris Ring highway. Approximately 170 tonnes of goods enter the Dachser network every day from Wissous. In the medium term, the volume is expected to rise to 280 tonnes, with a strong focus on goods for export. The new branch office is replacing the former Vitry-sur-Seine location, which had reached the limits of its capacity.

The new branch office in Pantin lies in direct proximity to the city’s “boulevard périphérique” freeway. The company now has a 5,800-square-metre, 39-dock transit terminal there with 542 square metres of office space. The Pantin site is taking over supply to all of downtown Paris, and replaces the former Paris-based Aulnay/Unic and Sentier locations. Pantin employs a staff of 45 workers.

German headquartered Dachser already has a presence in the region through branch offices in Cergy-Pontoise, Villeparisis, and Vemars at the edge of the city. In addition, there are three warehouses and a branch office of the Air & Sea Logistics Business Field at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport. Michael Schilling, COO Road Logistics at Dachser commented:

“With our new Wissous and Pantin locations, we are integrating Greater Paris into our seamless network in an ideal way, and at the same time putting ourselves in the most strategic position for city logistics.”