Friday, February 3, 2017

Freight Forwarding and Logistics Jobs are a Global Opportunity

As the World Grows, So Must the Supply Chain
Shipping News Feature
AUSTRIA – WORLDWIDE – As the world’s population continues to grow it is inevitable that the global logistics industry must also expand to cope with increased demand. Nothing illustrates this more clearly than the case of an international freight forwarding group, and figures just released by Lauterach headquartered Gebrüder Weiss offer a good illustration of this.

With its latest released annual turnover standing at €1.28 billion Gebrüder Weiss ranks among the leading transport and logistics companies in Europe, the group covers most aspect of the supply chain in a multitude of countries. In the last fiscal year staffing levels increased 5.6%, with 2,500 new jobs created in the past decade.

As the political make up of Europe continues to change the majority of these were Romania, with 483 new positions being created, followed by Germany with 388, Austria with 356 and China with 299. The land transport and logistics solutions areas have welcomed 1,420 new employees, which accounts for the majority of the positions. A total of 654 new employees joined the Air & Sea division, with a further 58 being added to the courier, express and parcel service. Notably the number of IT employees rose by 62.5% to 169, whilst subsidiary companies increased their ranks by 88 in inet-logistics, 12 at dicall and 4 at xvise.

These staff increases indicate both the state of the organisation but also offer a microcosm of what is happening globally, with people ever more ready to use the natural geographical spread of a logistics network to literally widen their own employment experiences. Gebrüder Weiss says that for it the increase was the result of the ongoing expansion of existing branches in Central and Eastern Europe as well as the setting up of new branches in Georgia, Russia, Turkey and Kazakhstan and in Asia and North America.

So is there any sign of a slow down? Not according to Gebrüder Weiss which says it wishes to further increase the number of staff working in air and sea freight in Asia and North America in particular. The company is actively looking for new employees, including air and sea freight specialists, supply chain consultants, sales staff and management personnel with details publicised on the company website.

Gebrüder Weiss obviously puts an emphasis on having and training the right people and has picked up various ‘Best Employer’ and ‘Best Place to Work’ awards of late whilst currently training 211 apprentices to be freight forwarders, operational logistics specialists, IT specialists and professional drivers at its locations in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Recruiting suitable staff is a priority for the group with again a section of the company website explaining the options for jobseekers.

It would seem that for those wishing to work in the ‘Secret Industry’ which is logistics the future actually looks quite bright, subject to the usual turbulent variations in world trade.