Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Freight Forwarding and Logistics Group Warns of Potential Chinese Import Problems

John Good Shipping Touches on a Perennial Complication
Shipping News Feature
UK – CHINA – With the whole of the British freight and logistics profession only currently having eyes for the Christmas period comes a timely warning, and some sensible advice, from shipping and forwarding outfit John Good for the many companies who trade regularly with China - the Chinese New Year follows hot on the heels of the European equivalent and there are several factors to be aware of.

Firstly the timing, this year New Year’s Day (2018) falls on Friday February 16 and, whilst the holiday officially lasts only 5 days the party lasts until March 2, and with many companies allowing leave prior to the official date to let staff reach far away home towns, that can mean a complete shutdown of suppliers for up to 3 weeks!

John Good points out factories close early as their production runs cease, ships are often over booked in the last minute rush to export before the closure, and shipping companies change itineraries as a result of the turmoil. So prepare for a month of aggravation as we move into the Year of the Dog.

Get orders for goods and space booked well before the end of January or risk disappointment, shipping offices in the Peoples Republic will be closed at odd times and watch out for such things as inflated shipping rates, particularly in the air freight sector as space tightens.

To read the John Good blog and get the full lowdown on the situation use this link.