Monday, December 30, 2013

Freight Forwarding and Logistics Group Opens New FCL and Consolidated Cargo Route

Inter-City Road Haulage Option Avoids Seasonal Barge Problems and Offers Faster Transit Times
Shipping News Feature

URUGUAY – PARAGUAY – Freight forwarding and multimodal logistics company Cargas del Atlantico which has traditionally moved FCL shipments as its main business has pioneered a new transhipment service, using trucks to transfer both consolidated cargo and full loads the 1400 kilometres by road from its Montevideo headquarters to the Paraguayan commercial centres of Asuncion and Ciudad del Este.

To maintain full control of all consignments through to their final destinations the Uruguayan company has opened a new representative office in Paraguay, with on-site handling meaning the new service provides a two-way LCL operation between Paraguay and all major world markets. The company also has plans to start an airfreight export service, with full documentation and Customs processing.

Cargas del Atlantico, a member of the Famous Pacific Shipping (FPS) Group freight forwarding and consolidation system say the principal import commodities for Paraguay are consumer electronics, and petrochemicals and the normal means of transport into the land-locked country is by barge from Montevideo on the River Parana. During the Paraguayan annual dry season, which lasts from September to March, this route becomes extremely unreliable due to decreased draughts which can result in months of delay at the port of entry together with mounting demurrage costs.

The new service is intended to slash transit times for Far East imports from up to four months to just 40 days, whilst transit times for European shippers are cut to as little as 25 days. Currently Paraguay hosts little in the way of manufacturing meaning the main export commodities remain agricultural productse such as soy, corn and meat. Hernan Martinez Escardo, Managing Director of Cargas del Atlantico, is suitably enthusiastic about the new service, saying:

“Our new service provides faster and more consistent transit times during the dry season. Although rates are higher than for the river barge route, our overland service eliminates unpredictable and often extremely high demurrage costs. The service is already being well received by the Paraguayan business community. For shippers, it enables them to promise delivery dates with confidence, and to budget for shipping costs with much greater accuracy.”

Photo: Cargo traditionally moves via barge trains like this one on the Parana River (courtesy C. Elias)