Thursday, September 22, 2011

Freight Forwarding and Logistics Group NOT Changing Hands

Rumours Abound but Allport Deal is Old News
Shipping News Feature

UK – A penalty one pays for sloppy journalism can have a negative effect far beyond a single story. Failure to investigate an article fully can damage and individual or organisation and that, it seems, is what could have happened to Allport, one of the UK’s leading freight and logistics operators had the truth not come out.

True Allport did join forces last year with their long term Chinese partners being acquired by CS Logistics Holdings Limited, the parent company of Cargo Services Far East Limited, and we reported this fully on Christmas Eve. Sadly it seems many of our rival shipping publications were too busy to notice over their glasses of mulled wine and some were so tardy that it took them overly long to publish news of the amalgamation.

This stirred the murky waters of the industry rumour mill and was brought to our attention, but a quick call to the powers that be at Allport confirmed this as a non event. Chris Cargill, Allport’s MD laughed as he commented:

“I can confirm there is no truth in this whatsoever. We have in fact been touring the UK this week together with our partners from CS Logistics and with HSBC.”

In fact Allport are celebrating this month having renewed a prestigious contract with Sainsbury for supporting the supermarket giant’s international supply chain for non food products, a growth area for the client since Allport’s first involvement three years ago.

Photo: Not the latest vehicle in the Allport fleet!