Thursday, June 15, 2017

Freight Forwarding and Logistics Group Help Primary School Children

Holiday Sparks Move to Aid Under Equipped Kids
Shipping News Feature
UK – SENEGAL – Leicester based freight forwarding and logistics based CML has aided the parents of one of the company's employees by picking up the tab for a charitable work inspired by a holiday to West Africa. The parents of CML's Global Logistics Manager, Paul Bambrough-Smith, visited a village on a remote island in Senegal in January this year and noticed that even though the villagers were so welcoming, happy and healthy, they were very poor and many of the children wore clothes that didn’t fit them properly.

John and Rosie Smith toured the island, which is home to around 600 people including approximately 160 primary school children and decided to try and help with the underfunded local school. Rosie explains how it came about:

“During our eye-opening trip to the remote village in Senegal, we met some of the most amazing people. One of them was Ben, the primary school’s head teacher. After spending some time with Ben, it was clear that he was struggling to buy the resources he needed to teach the children. John and I felt this urge to do anything we could to help support the primary school and make sure that the children have the resources they need to learn with.”

“When we returned to the UK we put together a box of French textbooks, pens and pencils and sent them to the primary school. The response from Ben and the children was incredible and they were thrilled to bits. After this, we asked him if there was anything else that he needed and we put together three boxes, which included 180 articles of clothing, a wall map of the world and more pens and pencils. When it came to arranging the shipment for these three boxes, we spoke to our son Paul for his advice [and] we can’t thank Paul and everyone at CML enough for all their help making this possible.”

Paul discussed the problem with CML’s Managing Director, Mark Webb and the decision was made to cover the freight charges to export the donated items free of charge. Mark commented:

“When we heard what Paul’s parents were doing, we couldn’t help but want to get involved. When compared to donating money to a charity, being able to use our very own freight team to help support a charitable cause was highly rewarding for us as a business. As you can imagine, the primary school children in this village are in need of clothes and equipment, so it was wonderful to be able to see the direct results of our efforts.”

Photo: The school children