Saturday, June 18, 2011

Freight Forwarding And Logistics Giant Launches Own App

New Damco Addition Will Work on all Major Mobile Platforms
Shipping News Feature

WORLDWIDE – Damco, the freight forwarding and logistics arm of ocean shipping giant A P Moller Maersk, has announced this week that it has released an app which will function on all the major mobile platforms (iPhone/iPad, Android and Blackberry). Damco customers will be able to access a fast and simple way to get an overview on the status of the logistic services being delivered to them. Damco claims it is the first logistic provider in the business to offer such a facility which works on all of the big three industry providers services.

As smartphones and tablet devices become more prevalent, according to latest figures from IT research company Gartner, 428 million mobile communication devices were sold in the first three months of 2011, a 19% year on year increase at a time when many are drawing in their financial horns, Damco felt the development was essential to maintain market position. Mark Scotland the company’s Chief Information Officer commented:

“The proliferation of mobile devices is making it economical and scalable to reach customers with apps. During recent years tremendous advances have been made, not only in the capabilities of the devices, but also in their ease of use. As a result the screens and functionality of the devices are more than sufficient to give customers mobile access to the applications they access via our standard platforms today.

“Even entry-level smartphones will be capable of running business apps over the next years, especially in developing countries. We need to meet customers on these platforms and not only focus on targeting the conventional stationary PC, which is what the logistics industry has done traditionally.”

The Damco app will enable customers to track shipments instantly, even while on the move away from their office computers. In addition to launching mobile apps, Damco has also launched a number of widgets, which are small stand-alone applications that can be executed within a webpage when customers access their applications on myDamco.

The widgets allow users to create individual content and have constant access to them throughout their workday. The widgets can be custom tailored by the client showing exactly the information required and are fully programmable using a simple drag and drop functionality similar to iGoogle and other web content providers.