Thursday, June 28, 2018

Freight Forwarding and Logistics Giant Extends Influence in Suez Canal Region

Key Import Export Hub to be Established in Egyptian Mediterranean Port
Shipping News Feature
EGYPT – Kuwait headquartered freight forwarding and logistics group, Agility, have signed an agreement with the Suez Canal Authority to establish a logistics centre in East Port Said, a key strategic site on the Mediterranean Sea. In signing the Protocol of Cooperation, Agility will develop a hub with international standard logistics infrastructure to enhance the importing and warehousing of raw materials, as well as the export and distribution of intermediate and final goods through the Suez Canal Ports. The logistics hub is part of the current expansion of East Port Said.

The company says it will aim to provide world-class solutions for Egyptian customs, including the modernisation and automation of the customs processes, improving the speed at which commodities are moved and strengthen the supply chain in a fast and secure manner. These improvements, in turn, should help decrease supply chain costs for the industrial operations across the various areas of the economic zone.

In signing the agreement, Admiral Mohab Mamish Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority and Chairman of the Suez Canal Economic Zone (SCZone), said:

“The establishment of the East Port Said project is in line with the Egypt 2030 Vision. It also achieves Egypt’s development goals in creating an integrated sustainable economic growth through the creation of new job opportunities and enhancing Suez Canal Zone status as a commercial and industrial hub.”

Admiral Mamish added that the protocol of cooperation with Agility is one of the significant steps in the Economic Zone’s development plan, and particularly the development of East Port Said, noting that Agility is one of the world’s largest logistics companies operating in the Arab region.

The SCZone chairman went on to say that the protocol aims to study the investment in the development and marketing of both the logistics and industrial areas. It also includes the development of a ‘green’ logistics hub for value-added services, in addition to applying advanced customs technology solutions that facilitate trade. Tarek Sultan, Vice Chairman and CEO of Agility said:

“Egypt’s prominent location allows access to strong regional markets and trade routes, making it an ideal site for a regional distribution hub. Given the global demand for access and presence in the continent, Agility has continuously invested in Africa. Establishing an integrated industrial and logistics hub in partnership with SCZone, as well as providing modernised, automated customers services, matches Agility’s Africa strategy and further highlights Egypt’s role as a key regional player. “Being present in the Suez Canal Economic Zone and, in particular, working in the East Port Said area, will give companies access to world-class infrastructure as well as fast, easy and efficient logistics and customs services in terms of time and cost.”

The second phase includes the preparation of the detailed master plan for the logistics centre and its stages, as well as detailed technical and financial studies to provide technology services for a period of six months. The third phase will include the establishment of the joint company in a subsequent period of six months.

In Egypt, Agility manages 43,000 square metres of warehouse space and 30,000 square metres of open yard storage. In 6th October City, the company manages more than 60,000 pallet positions with material handling lifts capable of transferring goods to 67 loading docks.

Photo: Port Said at night.