Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Freight Forwarders and Shippers Advised of Import Changes in Saudi Arabia

Certification Group Issues Details of Programme Alterations
Shipping News Feature

UK –  SAUDI ARABIA – Intertek, the global conformity and certification group which acts on behalf of shippers and governments to ensure goods imported maintain recognised standards, have issued a notice recently which may affect freight forwarders and other interested parties.

Several changes to the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) Labelling requirements for goods travelling to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia were announced last month. The changes affect air conditioning equipment but not other ‘white goods’. Saudi Standards Metrology and Quality Organisation (SASO) has issued a revised SASO 2663/2012 standard for 'Energy Labelling and Minimum Energy Performance Requirements for Air Conditioners' and no longer will SASO accept applications for EER labelling licences as per the old SASO 2663/2007. There has been a revised update issued regarding the new EER values and labelling requirements.

From the 7th September 2013, the country’s Customs will stop the importation of air-conditioner shipments which have the EER labelling licence as per the old standard requirements. The sale of imported and locally manufactured air-conditioners which are not in compliance with the modified standard SASO 2663/2012 for EER value corresponding to Phase 1 will not be allowed to be sold from 1st Jan 2014 and any units which are not in compliance with Phase 2 will be disallowed from the 1st January 2015.

Intertek has so far issued more than 1.5 million certificates and test reports to companies exporting worldwide and tell us licenced manufacturers are recommended to provide their existing Licence to SASO in order to exchange it with the New Licence as the New Licence has a different format and is incorporated with a bar code and encrypted. Intertek offers the chance to register for a guide ‘Doing Business with and Exporting to Saudi Arabia’ and other useful information for exporters which can be downloaded free of charge via these links to the Product Conformity Programme and ‘Trading with Saudi Arabia’.