Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Freight Forwarders and Logisticians Rush to Sign Up for New Customs Declarations Course

New Regulations Demand Attention from the Transport Sector
Shipping News Feature
UK – It seems that the effort which the British International Freight Association (BIFA) has been putting in to ensure the UK logistics industry is trained and ready both for Brexit and for new customs regulations has been paying off. In addition to BIFA having its own dedicated website to explain the apprenticeships available to would be transporters and freight forwarders, the organisation says it has now seen massive interest for its recently launched, online training course that focuses on customs declarations.

The course is another tool which BIFA has developed to provide support and information for anyone that wants to gain a better understanding of Customs regimes and how to complete a Customs declaration. The wholly online digital course, has 11 modules in total. These include: The Export processes, The Import process and entry completion rules, Customs Procedure Codes (CPCs) and Customs Simplified Procedures; and BIFA says it should not take more than around five hours to complete. Robert Keen, BIFA director general says:

“Issues surrounding Customs declarations are in the spotlight at present and we perceived the need for a focused course that can improve the understanding of any of our members. Those members and others seem to agree as we have had over 500 individuals registering an interest in the new eLearning course that we introduced to our training portfolio in March 2019.”

The trade association for UK freight forwarders and logistics companies continued to expand its training portfolio following last December’s announcement that the UK government would make £8 million available in funding for all customs intermediaries and traders completing customs declarations. This included HMRC providing an investment of £3 million to fund increased training capacity.

Last month BIFA and other industry groups pointed out the importance of staying abreast of customs regulations as the overdue switch from the Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) system to HMRC’s new Customs Declaration Service (CDS) as the new regulations are finally introduced.

N.B. Bothe BIFA members and non-members can apply for the Customs Training Course (at a cost of £190 and £230 respectively) by e mailing at bifatraining@bifa.org.

Photo: Customs Inspection (courtesy of DP World, Southampton).