Thursday, March 21, 2013

Freight Forwarder Paves the Way for Better Tile Shipping

Whether via Road Haulage or any other Logistics Route Gefco Solves the Problem for Mosaic del Sur
Shipping News Feature

MOROCCO - SPAIN – FRANCE – WORLDWIDE – As any logistics professional worth his or her salt knows shipping tiles, whether cement, terrazzo or the delicate natural clay zellige variety can be a hazardous business. Usually stacked on pallets which are enormously heavy for their size the risk of damage whilst handling or in transit via road haulage or any other modal method with such weighty but delicate cargo is an ever present problem for any freight forwarder.

Since it was founded in 2002, Spanish tile producer Mosaic del Sur has seen its order volumes grow and its delivery requirements expand geographically. To keep pace with its development, the tile maker called upon GEFCO in 2004, attracted by its international scope and regional expertise as well as its capacity to manage both inbound and outbound flows. Its objective was to develop a solution to optimise import and export flows while also simplifying operations.

The French headquartered forwarders Spanish office worked with the customer to create just such a customised logistics strategy that would address the customer’s priorities, the constraints which such a cargo places on the shipper as well as the specific features of each region. With efficient delivery of 2,000 orders annually round the world Mosaic del Sur has now entrusted GEFCO with management of all its supply flows from Morocco and export shipping to Europe, the United States, Asia and the Middle East. GEFCO also provides the manufacturer with direct tracking of its shipments through dedicated online portals.

For the past nine years GEFCO has picked up the products of Mosaic del Sur at its Tangier plant in Morocco and transported them to Madrid, where they are cleared by customs and consolidated. They are then shipped to customers in Europe, the United States, Japan, and the Middle East by sea, air or land, depending on which transport mode or combination is most suitable and with full track and trace feasibility maintained throughout.

The 2,000 or so yearly orders involve 1,800 tonnes of goods by air and 4,000 packages by sea and land and Mosaic del Sur estimates that it gains at least one day on all its shipments and as much as a week on shipments by sea, owing notably to the centralisation of logistics operations at the Madrid platform. Partly because of these services, the company’s tiles adorn trendy restaurants, boutique hotels, major luxury hotels and private homes all over the world. Pierre Babin, the founder of Mosaic del Sur, commented:

“GEFCO implemented a transport strategy that incorporated all phases of our supply chain. The human element is also essential, since our business relationship is based on confidence and continuity: we have been working with GEFCO since 2004. To increase responsiveness, we have a single point of contact that coordinates all operations. Last, the accuracy of the information, its prompt communication, and the excellent coordination of the operational teams make all the difference.”