Monday, February 1, 2010

Freight Forwarder Latest To Sign For Processing System

Kingscote Rojay joins NetFreight community
Shipping News Feature

UK – Aldershot-based freight forwarder Kingscote Rojay (KRL) is the latest in a growing list of operators to switch to NetFreight, the web-based freight forwarding and Customs processing system from Impatex.

KRL was formed in April 2009 with a merger between Kingscote Freight Services Ltd and Rojay World Freight. This left the new company with a total of five different freight forwarding and Customs packages.

Due to the diverse locations of offices around England, and a base in New York, it was recognised that a single system was necessary to allow smooth interaction for shipments.

KRL chose the online NetFreight system as it provides centralised links to the UK’s Direct Trader Input (DTI)communities, significantly reducing the company’s communication costs.

KRL’s Managing Director, Joe Hales, said that: “Adopting NetFreight as our single IT solution is producing dramatic savings in communications and software licence costs, while enhancing our overall capabilities.

“The NetFreight concept is an exciting one, as it provides our management and staff with access to all processes at all times, even when they are out of the office or travelling worldwide. We are now finalising a track and trace capability that will enable our customers to check on their shipment status online, 24/7.”

The company also states that with its specialist service options such as AOG (urgent aircraft spares) shipments, perishables and temperature-controlled traffic (including the handling of medical vaccines), smooth clearances and communications are vital to operations.